Fortebet Uganda


Fortebet, owned by Grand Victoria limited company, is one of the fastest-rising betting companies in Uganda. The online bookmaker was launched and established in 2014 as a Fortune bet. Later in 2016, the sportsbook changed its brand name to Forte Bet. The main reason for changing the name was primarily to shorten their name and create a more significant brand impact on the clients as it is easier to remember. The national lotteries board of Uganda licenses fortebet; hence clients are assured of safe and secure transactions while using the site. Forte bet has its technology center based in Europe, which keeps and tracks customers’ information and transactions.

The pros of this sportsbook include a straightforward registration process excellent customer care support provided on their websites, E-mails, and social media platforms. Moreover, their bets are easy to place, and the bookmaker offers higher odds than other bookmakers providing their services in the entire region. Forte Bet has an active sports market and an exclusive VIP program.

Forte bet has a well-developed website that all its customers use for betting and gambling operations. The interface is user-friendly, and any client without prior information on how to use the website can easily find their way through it effortlessly. The topmost interface is an array of icons consisting of sportsbook live champions league best shots VIP Forte Bet battle casino virtual soccer marbles and statistics. Below the sportsbook is a dropdown of top bets and icons showing the time available for the chances to be placed. Below is a list of countries participating in the game being played. At the bottom of the left margin, the interface lists game offered, e.g., soccer, tennis, basketball, handball, ice hockey, snooker darts, MMA boxing, and rugby. The register and lost password icons on the top right corner of the main page help with the registration process. Deposition and withdrawal options are listed at the bottom of the page.


Fortebet, unfortunately, does not have a mobile application on the play store yet. However, this is not a significant challenge being experienced by the sportsbook as most of their client can comfortably use their website built to modern standards. The forte bet website offers a superior experience that could be equated to gamblers using gambling applications. However, the forte bet technical team has plans underway to build an application to amplify the services they offer. The website uses SSL pin certification to protect users’ information and money transactions.

To download the application from the website, follow these steps

  • Type in
  • Click on the link that appears on the screen that allows you to download the application directly.
  • Finish by modifying security settings on your mobile phone to allow installation of the forte bet application.


A considerable percentage of the online sportsbook customers use android mobile phones. From previous statistics, a small number of IOS users have logged in to their website hence explaining why there are no plans to build the mobile application and have it on the apple store. Like Android phone users, customers can access the website through the handle


Like in the android and IOS systems, the bookmaker has not developed an application on windows. However, this is not considered a great challenge as most clients comfortably use the website.


Signing up for the sportsbook is s straightforward process. To register, follow these steps.

  • On a device connected to the internet, type in
  • The website’s main page will be displayed on the screen.
  • Click on the “register now” button.
  • Fill in the fields required with accurate personal information, e.g., name, surname, and username. The username you choose has to be unique, and if picked by someone else, you are required to come up with a new one.
  • Read and confirm the terms and conditions before pressing the “ I agree” button.
  • Once all the fields have been completed, click on the “register button.”
  • A message is sent with your password on the phone number earlier provided.
  • You are now fully registered and can start placing bets.


Forte bet does not offer any discount/promotion codes to its players. As compensation, the bookmaker offers the best odds to the users. However, the bookmaker has a “best shots” section that gives insights on methods used by customers who won jackpots at the betting site. Gamblers can read inspiring stories and probably follow in their footsteps to try their luck. The odds offered present a chance of increasing the value of the players’ bets.


At fortebet, there is always something for everybody. Bookies using Fortebet get to experience exciting welcome bonuses. Once a client has registered and verified their e-mail address, an e-mail is sent to you to confirm 1000 VIP points that have been credited to their account.

The bookmaker also offers clients a welcome bonus of up to 1000000UGX once they are fully registered and have made their first deposit. Once the first deposit is made, a client can receive the bonus. The bonus received is up to 100 percent of the amount deposited if the players follow the terms and conditions stated.

A player can only place a maximum amount of 100000 UGX on bets to be considered on the bonus amount. For one year, a bonus amount is available to the customer. A client has zero ability to withdraw funds from their account not until they exhaust their bonus. If the player withdraws funds before finishing their bonus, the remaining bonus is refuted.


The bookmaker has three payment options that customers can withdraw or deposit money into their accounts. The process is fast, safe, and secure. Bookies can deposit cash through Airtel Money, MTN Mobile Money, and various Forte Bet branches. To deposit at the shop near you, a player has to give the shop representative their username and the amount of money they want to deposit. The airtel number used for depositing the funds must be registered with the sportsbook. For airtel money deposition, the minimum amount of money one can deposit is 500 UGX while the maximum is 500000 UGX. Once the transaction is initiated, the money is reflected in your account after approximately 3 minutes. As for MTN Mobile money, the minimum deposit amount is 500 UGX, and the maximum limit is 4000000 UGX. It is critical to note that standard transaction fees are applied.

A key feature to notice is once you deposit at any forte bet branch, you should receive a slip confirming the transaction. This slip should be carefully placed in a safe place. The minimum amount a player can deposit is limit is placed on the maximum amount that one can deposit.

As for withdrawals, clients can cash out anytime at the forte bet branch. The minimum amount of money that the player can withdraw is 1000 UGX. No limit is placed on the maximum amount of money that one can remove.


  • On a device connected to the internet, head to the Forte Bet website.
  • Click on “Deposits and Withdrawals”
  • Click on the “DEPOSITS” button.
  • Press the deposit via mobile phone option or deposit at the branch if you want to do it manually
  • Choose either airtel money or MTN money.
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit and press the deposit button.


  • Head to the Forte Bet official website on a device connected to the internet.
  • Click on “Deposits and Withdrawals”
  • Press the “WITHDRAWALS” button
  • Key in the amount you want to withdraw.
  • A code is sent to your phone to confirm the transaction.
  • Present the Forte Bet representative with this code to receive your money.


Forte bet offers odds on eight types of sports, with football being the most popular with the punters. The other sports include tennis, basketball, handball, volleyball, American hockey, and ice hockey. The bookmaker offers over thirty markets In football, including odds on leagues that spread across 25 countries.

Forte Bet offers varying minimum and betting limits depending on the odds being used. For maximum winnings players can get from a ticket is 1000000UGX. Before placing a bet, punters are advised to read the terms and conditions that come attached. To master the skill of placing bets, one must learn how to maximize the odds offered by the bookmaker. Bookmakers earn their profits from the existing margins, and a bookie must know how to determine the margin. It is important to note that the higher the margin, the lower the chances of winning a bet. Margins below 110 percent are preferable as they indicate the present market being active and competitive. For a player to calculate the bookmaker’s margin, they must determine the odds surrounding the selected bet. To resolve this number, bookies need to calculate the betting selection by converting the individual outcome to decimal. This should be individually divided by 100, then finished by adding the results. An effect like (102.19) reflects that the existing market is active and competitive.

As for the VIP, section punters must place a bet using their VIP card at the comfort of their homes or the forte bet branch. Players win VIP points for every 1000 UGX they put on a bet. A good example is when a bet is placed on ten matches for 100000UGX; the player receives 1000 VIP points(10*100). One VIP point is equal to 1UGX. Once a player earns 2000 VIP points, they can place a bet of 2000 UGX for free.


Fortebet Uganda has an advanced and well-developed security system. Bookies’ private and confidential information is protected by the strict privacy policy whose essential role is in ensuring that players’ information is not shared, leaked, or sold to third parties. Money transactions are made safe and secure by advanced digital encryption technology.

The sportsbook on the virtual soccer section offers a series of casino games and odds. The casino section is not very well expanded compared to other bookmakers. It offers products like

  • Mystery apollo II.
  • Crystal miners.
  • Golden age.
  • Golden treasure.
  • Midnight fruits.
  • Slot birds.
  • War of the titans.
  • Turbo slots.
  • Wooden fruits.
  • Rich fish.
  • Pandora.
  • Lucky.
  • Horus eye.
  • Gangster world.
  • Bloody

Moreover, fortebet offers virtual soccer games every 5 minutes that bookies can punt on. To participate in these games, follow the following instructions.

  • On a device connected to the internet, head to the fortebet website.
  • Click on the “casino” icon at the top interface.
  • A drop down of casino games offered is displayed on the main screen
  • Place your bets pick your odds, and wait for results.

Fortebet bookies experience an excellent VIP program. Once a player registers on fortebet, they are automatically listed to the VIP program and immediately receive a welcome bonus of 1000 UGX and a VIP card collected from the nearest Fortebet branch. Punters earn points through the following several ways

  • 1-2 matches make 1 point.
  • 3-4 matches earn 2 points.
  • 5-6 matches earn 3 points.
  • 7-9 matches earn 4 points.
  • 10-12 matches earn 6 points.
  • 13-15 matches earn 8 points.

Unlike many bookmakers, Fortebet does not offer a cash-out option.
Fortebet has limited ways of making withdrawals.