Betwinner Uganda Review, Login and app

Uganda has a long-standing gambling culture and this has opened the market for organizations such as BetWinner to get into the action. Betwinner is a major brand looking to make inroads in the East-African country. With all the hype behind their brand, this bookie has come a long way to now be an internationally recognized brand. With a sports section as well as a casino, you get everything from a single platform. With its amazing products and tools, this brand is counting on convenience and user experience to create customer loyalty. It has, as a brand, taken measures to bring the best betting experience on its platform. Numerous offers and promotions are just the beginning, with more steps being taken to ensure everything is just as their customers want. But is all there is to it. Find out more as we review the Betwinner platform and find out if it meets your individual needs as a Ugandan customer.

Installing Betwinner on an Android device

An app is a great solution given how attached people are to their phones. Having an android solution goes a long way in providing convenience to their customers. After trying to locate this bookie on the PlayStore app, I find their android app is not readily accessible through the official marketplace. In an attempt to curb gambling, Google does not list any app that provides access to games of chance. This shouldn’t perturb you, should this be our first attempt at installing a bookie’s android app. Betwinner has its official Android solution available from its online portal. Navigating to the Downloads sections is about all you need to do to get the installation package. Downloading the file is only the first step. After getting the file, we need to make some modifications to the device security configuration. The default settings for any device prevent such files from running for security reasons. Opening the file triggers a prompt to change the setting. You simply need to allow the installation to proceed by granting the browser permissions to install applications. Once this has been accomplished, we can proceed. The process takes roughly a minute to complete depending on your device’s performance and when it’s all set and done, you can get to play your favourite markets.

Installing Betwinner to your IOS device

With the Apple ecosystem, we get little leeway to bypass their official app store. This makes it more convenient for users as everything in the Apple marketplace can be accessed from a single point. Getting Betwinner is thus simplified on the Apple ecosystem. To install it, launch the app store from your device. To locate it, simply run a quick search of the store as you normally would. The results may share some similarities in terms of nomenclature, however, you should spend some time identifying which app belongs to this bookie. Unlike the Android install, you can’t be sure you have installed the correct application. Clicking the Install button gets the application to your Apple device in a cinch. The installation completes relatively quick and once completed, we can access the marketplace from the comfort of the Apple device. The apps are all similar in looks and functionality. You won’t get anything different from the Android side.

How to register on Betwinner

With their amazing lineup of products, you might be wondering, exactly how do I get in on the action? Joining this amazing bookie requires little to no effort, they just require that you be a real person and be over the age of 18 years. Some little personal information is requested when you are joining, but fear not, this is merely used to uniquely identify your account and help you recover your password in case you are unable to access your account. If you are using the application, the first thing you are prompted with is a login page. Should you not have an account already, the other button visible is the registration button. We get a quick redirect to the registration screen. A few blank text boxes are provided for users to provide some personal information. It is important to go through the terms and conditions of the platform before accepting. Click to fill in the checkboxes for agreeing to be over 18 years of age and agreeing with their terms and conditions. Your details are quickly submitted to the main server which triggers the verification process. The contact information provided will then be verified with an OTP sent to your phone and email address. After this was all done, I got to get back to playing on the platform. Funding my BetWinner wallet was all that was left to do.

How can I use a Promotional code on Betwinner?

I must admit, that one employee in the marketing department who came up with promotional codes deserves a certain amount of gratitude from the general punters. With the promotional codes, you can wager on events and markets without using funds from your account wallet. This is a means of rewarding players on the platform and BetWinner has great codes for their customers. With the use of the codes, you create a slip consisting of your preferred events and instead of filling in your wager amount, all you do is provide the promotional code instead. To use promotional codes on the platform, simply create a bet slip on Betwinner. Open the available markets and based on your analysis predict by selecting an odd of your liking. Now go to the bet slip and instead of filling in the wager amount, a blank textbox is provided to input the promotional code. Fill it in and place the bet. Based on the promotional code, the equivalent wager attached to that code is automatically used as a wager. The benefit of promotional codes is once all the bets are settled, the winnings are immediately available for withdrawal.

How to get the Betwinner registration bonus

The key to any sustainable business growth is new customers. In an attempt to increase their customer share in the market, Betwinner has an exciting registration bonus. New customers are sure to appreciate having extra money in their pocket for wagering on the platform. Unfortunately, the money is not available immediately for withdrawal and you must roll it over a few times to get that privilege. What first needs to be done, of course, is creating a new account. With the account already in existence, the next logical step is funding the account. Now, Betwinner gives you double your first deposit for amounts up to 150,000 UgShs. That means for amounts exceeding that amount, you will only get the mentioned amount. Once the amount has been successfully credited to your account, you are automatically credited with the bonus in a separate wallet. Should you be looking to use the bonus instead of your main funds, your bet slip provides the option of the bonus as the wager instead of your main cash. It is important to note that the bonus has an expiry date after which all winnings made using the bonus will be forfeit.

Offers and promotions for new users

When it comes to offers and promotions, any serious bookie should make it a priority to have some, seeing as the majority of punters look for such things when looking for a new bookie. Betwinner is not lacking in this regard and they have several promotions up their sleeve. First and foremost, Betwinner has great odds in its sports events. The odds are relatively higher as compared to the industry average and I got to enjoy some significant winnings as a result. These odds are just the tip of the iceberg. With the registration bonus available to new users, the bookie also awards promotional codes to its customers who are on a losing streak. This promotional code is redeemable on the platform and is valid for use in place of actual cash from your account. To top it all off, Betwinner has even more exciting promotions in their casino section. A VIP scheme is run of the mill in this day and age, but considering the cashbacks and bonuses on winnings, is worth all the extra cash. All of these are made with the sole intent to increase the level of enjoyment experienced using this bookie and all to make you loyal to the brand. Not a bad start if I do say so myself.

Payment options

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to move funds to and from your bookie. Considering the human mind, it is near impossible to always be on time and you may find yourself in a rush to place a wager. To do that successfully, the payment method to be used needs to be almost instantaneous. Betwinner, to some extent, makes it a priority to support the major transaction channels available to their customers with other even less known ones also included. These methods are selected based on their popularity in Uganda and how accessible they are to the general populace. Payment methods included in Betwinner include:

  • MTN money
  • Airtel Money
  • Banking transactions
  • VISA and MasterCard
  • Skrill and Payoneer

These payment methods are some of the more popular channels easily accessible to Ugandan citizens. One appeal of this bookie is that you are not charged any withdrawal fee for transactions. You get your cash as it is and any charges would depend on your service provider’s side.

Odds and betting

Betting is the main concern of this platform and it wouldn’t be a review without discussing the actual betting experience. The first thing to note about the bookie is the layout. The popularity of sports betting in Uganda has made the first market visible on launch to be the sports section, specifically football betting. The odds are always above the industry average and this almost guarantees a high ROI. The bookie also provides several betting tools such as a bet constructor that creates unique odds based on the customers’ preferences. The Betwinner interface is well designed and you won’t suffer any losses from accidental touches which can be quite frustrating. The choice of colours is quite appealing and you don’t have to strain to locate events. You can quickly locate any event through the search bar and the results are quickly populated for you. In-play betting also comes with a live stream option and this is quite an advantage for punters who enjoy this market. The Casino markets also have their following. The bookmaker has a large assortment of online games as well as an online casino. Punters get great odds, free turns as well as cashbacks in the casino section.


An experienced punter will tell you that being able to reach customer support is something you should actively look for in a bookie. Being able to reach their representatives puts you in a position to quickly resolve issues with your account. The bookie is available on their hotline 24 hours a day. The hotline is not toll-free and the bill has to be footed by the customer. If you are looking for much cheaper alternatives, the bookie has a live chat feature on all their platforms, web and mobile, which allows you to contact their representatives. This is a better solution if you do not like moving to other applications to solve issues with your account. The bookie is also available via email and WhatsApp chat and all you need to do is send a text message. Their reps are always polite and your issues are resolved ASAP so you can continue using the Betwinner platform.

Main facts on bookmaker

Betwinner is an internationally recognized betting brand. They are regulated both internationally as well as by the local government. This provides dual oversight to the firm and users can rest easy with the safety of their cash.
Betwinner prides itself on providing a simple and enjoyable betting experience. This has made them focus on more popular markets and a simplified interface so as not to overwhelm the average punter.
Betwinner has solutions for all the major platforms. They have a website, applications for both Android and iOS as well as a mobile-friendly website in case the app cannot run on your mobile device.
Betwinner has actively involved itself in sporting activities in the world as well as Uganda and sponsors events as well as sporting teams all to increase their brand visibility and recognition among the many punters in the nation.