Ababet Uganda


Ababet is one of the fastest growing betting platform in East Africa. They have an ever expanding customer base due to their focus on providing a simplified betting experience. On first glance, their platform is observably conservative. Instead of numerous menus and options, their UI focused instead on the sports markets and individual events. A blue and white theme makes the platform seem almost resigned. But don’t let their simplicity fool you. Ababet is on track to become one of the largest betting platforms in Uganda owing to a customer centric approach to betting. With a very active betting community in Uganda and several alternatives to it, how does Ababet accomplish this?

How to install the Ababet Android app
Ababet has developed an Android app for its customers. The app is an extension of its online platform with a similar theme as well as user interface. This app is however not available to download on Google’s app store. Regardless, don’t let this deter you. The app is available for download on their online platform. A download link is provided on their platform that redirects users to a third party website that hosts the apk file. You will need to download the apk file to proceed with the installation. A security warning will automatically be triggered by your device which should be ignored. Download the apk file and open it to begin the installation process. To run the apk file, you will need to disable your device’s security settings that prevent installation of apps from unknown sources. The app will then guide you through the installation process. Grant the necessary permissions to allow the app to operate optimally. Once the application has been installed, you can launch the application from your application drawer. The android application is an extension of their online platform providing you with the same features and functionality. It has the same blue and white theme as the website. Logging in provides you access to your account where you can continue staking and making big winnings.
How to install the Ababet Ios App
For customers in the Apple ecosystem, Ababet has an iOS app for those who prefer a more personalized betting experience. The iOS app is available for download from the Apple app store. To download the Ababet iOS app, search for the app in the Apple store app. You will need to install it from the app store. Click to install the application on your ios device. Once installed, the application can be launched by clicking on its icon on your device’s home screen. For registered users, you can access your account by filling in your login credentials. New users can click on the registration button. This will redirect you to another screen where you can register as a new user. If the credentials provided are valid, you will be taken to your home screen where you can continue staking on events.
How to register for Ababet
Should you be looking to register a new account, Ababet has one of the simplest and quickest registration process. On their home page, the register button is available on the top right of the webpage. Clicking the link redirects you to their registration page where you will be asked to provide a few personal details. You will then be asked to create a secure password. Should the information provided be valid, you will be redirected to the login page where you will fill in your login credentials. You will then be redirected to the home page where you can begin betting on sports events.
How to Use Ababbet Promo codes
Promotional codes are an exciting aspect of sports and online betting. They allow a user to substitute a token for cash to be used on the platform. Promotional codes are a great way used by online betting platforms to reward their loyal customers. A free spin in an online casino or a free bet on their sports platform. Ababet is no different. Ababet is one of those platforms that uses promotional codes to create brand loyalty. Promotional codes are awarded to users who are on a losing streak. It is their way of showing appreciation to its customers. The promotional codes are also sent to their customers on their birthdays. This promotional code can be substituted for stake to be used in the platform. Once the bet has been settled, users can then proceed to access the winnings by withdrawing using one of several payment methods made available on the platform. Using promotional codes has never been easier. The first step to using the promotional codes is to create your bet slip. While some bonus schemes might restrict you as to the type of event that can be staked on, Ababet’s promotional codes can be used on each and every event on the platform. Once the bet slip has been created, instead of filling in the stake amount, the promotional code is used in its place. The bet will automatically be placed should the promotional code be valid.
How to get the Ababet Registration bonus
Ababet is one of those websites that is customer centric. They have several offers and promotions designed to make using their platform as enjoyable as possible. One of these promotional tactics is a registration bonus. Ababet provides a registration bonus for its new customers. This bonus comes as a percentage of the first deposit made on the account. It is important to note that the bonus is awarded should the deposit be made within the first twenty four hours of the account being created. You snooze you lose, is their view on this so customers need to be quick on that first deposit. The bonus amount is given and can be used in place of stake on the platform. The bonus amount should be rolled over at least 4 times and each bet slip should contain a minimum of three events each with a minimum of 1.4 odds. This means should you deposit 5000 UgShs, you will receive a bonus equal to that amount. The user should then bet with the 5000 at least 4 times. Should the stake not be of the entire bonus amount, the total stake of the individual bet slips be of total 20,000 UgShs.

Ababet offers and promotions for new users

Ababet has exciting promotions and offers for its new users. Apart from the registration bonus, several other exciting promotions are used to keep the customer entertained and glued to the platform. One of these offers is a deposit bonus. While the transaction methods used on the platform such as MTN money and Airtel Money charge a transaction fee for their use, Ababet refunds the user on the platform. The transaction cost of making the deposit is given to the user as a bonus that can be used to bet on sports events. Ababet is one of those platforms focused on sports betting. It has one of the largest sportsbook that encompasses all major leagues and some relatively unknown ones. Their live betting platform is one of the fastest in Uganda and it has boosted winnings for slips with live matches. One of the highlights of sports betting is live betting. While pre-match markets are the most popular, events happen in game that influence the game’s outcome. Live betting comes in as a great way of making winnings from staking on these live events. The live betting section of Ababet comes with boosted odds and winnings as well as multi-bet bonuses.


Ababet provides several payment methods to its esteemed customers. Being located in Uganda has made them prioritize payment methods that would be the most easily accessible to their customers. As such, the payment methods primarily used on Ababet are MTN money and Airtel money. Mobile money is one of the most popular and convenient payment methods available to the local Ugandan man. As such it is the primary payment method that is available on the Ababet platform. It is of no surprise that withdrawing of winnings comes at no expense to the user. Ababet caters for any charges and you receive your winnings, as it is, in your account. Depositing money into your account is a different story. The customer is charged by the mobile money provider the transaction cost of depositing the funds. Ababet on the other hand refunds the transaction cost and is awarded as a bonus amount that can be played on. This bonus can be withdrawn once any bet placed using it has been settled. Alterantive payment methods moer suited to foreign customers are also intergrated into Ababet. Internet based payment methods such as PayPal and Skrill are also intergrated into the platform. The platform also supports deposits through banks.

Odds and betting

Betting on Ababet couldn’t be any simpler than it already is. Ababet prioritizes sports and live betting. They have close to non-existent casino section seeing the Ugandan market are more in favour of sports betting. On first glance, their website has 85% of the screen space dedicated to displaying the games the user can bet on. The user can also select the specific market they would like to see for the games displayed. At the top left is the menu through which the user filters the events they would like to stake on. Another advantage of Ababet becomes obvious once you place a bet and that is the boosted odds. Ababet is one of those platforms whose odds are relatively on the higher side. Higher odds means higher winnings and Ababet makes sure when you win, you win in style. Bets are also settled immediately they are won. You no longer have to wait until the event is finished to get your winnings. Another added feature that is heaven-sent is streaming capabilities. You can now watch ongoing fixtures in their live betting section while staking on it at the same time. Live betting has never been this convenient.


Difficulties are bound to arise while using any platform. As such, it is important for any betting provider to ensure an efficient means exists through which their customers can communicate with their representatives to solve any problem. Ababet takes this to heart. Ababet currently provides customers support through their very active hotline. They have a hotline available for both Airtel and MTN networks. The call is not toll free and as such Ababet has made themselves available on both major networks. This is to allow the customer exploit offers made available to them on the network hence lowering the call cost. Ababet also provides customer support through a live chat feature on their platform. This allows the customer to be assisted without necessarily leaving their platform. The live chat feature is also available on their mobile applications on both the android and IOS devices. You can also talk with their representatives using telegram and Whatsapp messaging apps. The platform has a dedicated chat to help resolve any issues their customers might have. It is also possible to reach Ababet through their email address. Should you be having any connectivity issues or prefer traditional e-mail, then you can always send them an email to their website. Response time is always prompt for any and all issues brought to their attention.

5 main facts on bookmaker

  1. Ababet is one of the fastest growing sports betting platform in Uganda. They are on track to become among the largest in the country owing to their consistent growth.
  2. Ababet is focused primarily on sports betting. The platform has no online games and casino section owing to their low popularity among the Ugandan customer base.
  3. Ababet is fully licensed and operates in the nation of Uganda. The platform is available for use by any citizen or resident above 18 years of age.
  4. Ababet has one of the most premier betting experience in the market. With instant payouts on winning bets as well as free withdrawals, they make staking on events as simple as possible.
  5. Ababet is a very active sponsor of sports activities in the country. In order to increase their brand recognition, the organization has invested significant resources to help bolster local sports.