1xbet Uganda review

With a brand as visible as theirs, 1xbet was bound to eventually set up shop in Uganda. The East African republic has seen tremendous growth in the number of brands looking to set up locally due to their very vibrant gaming sector. The nation’s brief history has seen its gambling sector grow tremendously mainly due to the popularity of sports. Sports betting leads in popularity but casino lovers are not too far off. With government oversight over the gaming sector all but assured, the Ugandan punters have taken to the international bookies like a fish to water. With all that being said, 1xbet is one of the more popular bookies to set up shop in the nation. With a great track record of providing among the best bookie services, 1xbet has been slowly climbing up the ranks as they seek to dominate yet another market. The bookie’s tactics are well known with high odds, great promotions and fast payouts being their modus operandi. But who exactly is this bookie and how can a Ugandan punter exploit their exemplary services to win big? Find out as we review 1xbet and see what exactly they are made of.

Installing 1xbet on an Android device

Mobile devices form the bulk of consumer electronics used to access the internet daily. With this in mind, a mobile solution is bound to have been developed by this punter and here I will guide you on how to run the installation. To the disappointment of some, you won’t find this organization’s app listed anywhere inside the official store. The installation file is however not that difficult to locate and all you need do is visit the main website’s downloads section. Click on the Android icon and in a few minutes, depending on how fast your internet is, will be available locally on your phone. Now, unlike the Store app, the installation won’t be automatic and opening the file is the trigger for the installation to commence. Some settings need to be modified and this can be done in a few seconds. If this setting needs to be changed, a popup notification will emerge and you will be taken to what needs to be changed. If it doesn’t then you can proceed with the installation. After a few seconds, it completes and you can access the multitude of markets and events at your disposal available from the 1xbet marketplace.

Installing 1xbet to your IOS device

Apple is a different beast altogether. Google is more restrictive of apps that are used in gambling or games of chance, however, Apple prefers to be more secure and as such all installations need to be done via their main store. A bit of relief here, seeing as most of my, as well as several governments, attempts to bypass this manufacturer’s security have all but been futile. This makes the store the only means of adding an app to your device. Should you have an Apple device, then I will guide you to running an install. All I had to do was open the app. There, a search bar can be found at the very top of the display and I entered this bookie’s name, 1xbet. Several apps came up seeing as “bet” is used by several bookies, but I easily identified the company using their blue and white logo. Clicking on the install button was the last thing I had to do and after a couple of seconds, 1xbet was ready for use from the comfort of my phone. I didn’t notice any differences in the performance of the app compared to the Android one and I have to say, the consistency in design is quite commendable.

How to register to 1xbet in Uganda

After spending some time looking at the markets and offers of this bookie, I was extremely tempted to place a wager. However, to do that, I needed an active account and a stake to use as a wager. This brought up the question, what is the registration process of this bookie like. Looking at the app, the first thing that comes up after launching is the login screen. There, a register button is conveniently located just below the login button and clicking it redirected me to another screen. There, I found several blank textboxes where I was required to fill in my personal information to complete the process. After, filling it out and submitting my information, a process was triggered to verify the contact details provided. I received a code on my phone number and a link was sent to my email. Verifying both took a few seconds and the result of it was a personal account. Now only a deposit was between me and making big winnings with this bookie.

How to use promo codes

It comes as no surprise that this bookie has some great means of creating brand loyalty. Promotional codes were a great invention if I do say so myself, seeing as you can substitute them for actual funds from your wallet. The promo codes are awarded to customers should they be on a losing streak or on special occasions such as their birthdays or anniversary of them joining the bookie’s platform. Using them isn’t as herculean a task as you would imagine.

To use my promo code, first I needed to have populated a bet slip of the events of my choice. I quickly went through their markets and after carefully picking my events, went to view my bet slip. It is rather convenient that the promo codes do not require you to have an accumulator bet and I settled for a single event.

If you rather fancy yourself a decent punter, then an accumulator slip is also valid. After creating the slip, a textbox is available where you can fill in the promo code. Clicking the Place Bet button will accept the promo code as a valid stake. That is all there is to using promo codes. Quite straightforward as you can see and the winnings are credited to your main wallet when the wagers are settled. With the promo code, you don’t need to roll over the winnings a couple of times.

How to get the registration bonus

Creating a new account wasn’t challenging in the least. After having created one, the first thing that came to mind is whether this bookie had any offers for their new customers. After some research, you will find that this bookie is well reputed for its very high registration bonus. All you need to do is fund your account. With the numerous transaction methods integrated, getting a stake to the bookie was quick and easy. After the first deposit was made, the amount was immediately matched by this bookie and the bonus was held in a separate wallet.

This amount is however subject to several terms and conditions and you need to meet them should you want to withdraw the winnings made from it. It is only valid for the first thirty days of joining the bookie and I needed to roll it over at least three times on accumulator bets to be able to get the winnings. I was also presented with the option of opting out of the bonus scheme and this is always available should you find yourself restricted by it. It is also important to note that to be able to withdraw winnings from your account in the first place, you need to have wagered at least three times the cash you were awarded as a registration bonus.

Offers and promotions for new users

With a bookie as large as this one, it might come as no surprise this company has several promotions on its platform that were created to keep its customers entertained. With the competition in the gaming industry as stiff as it is, the only way to stand out is to keep your customers content. Promotions are one way of doing this and 1xbet is not lacking in this regard. The first thing to note is their odds. Generally speaking, this bookie’s odds are higher than the industry average and this is appealing to those looking to increase their winnings significantly. Another very important promotion of this bookie is their accumulator of the day promotion. With this, the bookie creates a slip consisting of selected events and this slip, should it lose by one game, will have the stake returned to the user. Another important promotion is the promotional codes awarded on your registration anniversary as well as your birthday.

Payment options

Monetary transactions should not be a challenge in a sector the likes of this one. Moving funds can be a bit frustrating and wait times can make a punter suffer significant losses in a time-sensitive situation. 1xbet as an organization took this to heart and has taken several steps to mitigate such an occurrence. One such step is the integration of several payment methods into their platform. A great point to note is that withdrawals can be made using all of their platforms. Some of the payment methods integrated with this bookie include:

  • MTN money and Airtel Money
  • Skrill and Payoneer
  • Wire transfers
  • VISA and MasterCard

Web money and online payment methods are extremely popular and given their business, a must-have. The transactions are processed almost immediately and all charges are covered by the bookie. Any additional charges will depend on the provider you use. You need not worry over delays and you get your winnings as-is into your wallet of choice be it a traditional bank account or online solution such as Skrill and Payoneer.

Odds and betting

This being the main agenda of a punter, it wouldn’t be a full review if I didn’t review this bookie’s odds and betting experience. A quick perusal of this bookie’s main offerings and you find that their odds are slightly higher than their competition. Higher winnings if you manage to make a correct prediction. Creating a bet slip is as easy as it could be with the search functionality included in all their platforms. You only need to know the name of the team or you can filter out games based on their start time. The main website might seem a bit overwhelming with all the information presented on a single page but their mobile apps and website are more user friendly and give you a more user-friendly feel.

1xbet also has a well-stocked casino section aptly named the 1xgames section. I found the usual assortment of casino and online games but was pleasantly surprised to find included a live casino, which is something, though not included by many bookies, a very welcome addition to any punter. The bets are settled immediately and you need not wait for an event to conclude to get your winnings.


Getting in touch with support is sometimes a necessity. Difficulties are bound to arise and the bookie’s representatives are the only means of resolving them. This makes it a must for the bookie to take measures to ensure they can be reached as easily as possible by their customers. The most convenient channel, in my opinion, is live chat. Using the apps or website, a live chat is always at your disposal and you need not switch from using the platform as you contact their representatives. Should the chat be unavailable, which it rarely is, other alternatives such as email, Telegram and WhatsApp chats are available for your use.

A hotline is also available, though not being toll-free, which makes it ill-advised given the calling rates. The representatives on the phone only understand English and this may be a bit inconvenient for the general public. Despite the language barriers, the representatives are always quick to resolve any issues with the platform and all you need to do is reach them. After resolving your issues, you can quickly get back to wagering, which is what we want.

Main facts on bookmaker

1xbet is an international gaming brand both locally and internationally monitored. This creates double oversight over the bookie’s operations, guaranteeing the security and safety of their customers’ funds in Uganda.

1xbet is a large sponsor of sporting events and teams the world over. This is one of their marketing strategies to increase their brand visibility and it inadvertently makes them take part in the development of sports.

1xbet is known for its large bonuses and great promotions. Despite their overwhelming bonuses, the bookie provides a great gaming experience regardless and there are no hidden terms and options in their markets. Great odds and exciting markets isjust the tip of the iceberg.

1xbet is originally from Russia but is now registered and operates out of Cyprus. This is due to the convenience provided by the nation’s gambling laws. However, they have maintained their quality of service and are still well reputed for their gaming experience and offers.