1xbet Uganda registration and app


1xbet is one of the largest online betting platforms in the world and their aggressive expansion plans have seen them enter the Ugandan market. 1xbet is one of the most recognizable betting brand in the betting industry. They have seen tremendous growth over the last couple of years owing to its expansion into previously untapped markets. In their latest move, they have launched their betting services in Uganda, one of Africa’s biggest betting market. Uganda has one of the most active betting cultures and it is no wonder it has caught the eye of the betting giant. On entering their platform, you are greeted with a well-designed User Interface organized as per the different categories of events. Their blue and white theme is quite simple yet appealing to the eye. A lot of effort has gone into creating this platform, is the first impression. So, what is 1xbet about and what sets them apart from their competitors?

How to install the Android app

If you are looking for a more personal betting experience, 1xbet has an android app available for its users. The app is available for download from the 1xbet website. You can download the android app from the 1xbet website. The download link is located on the website’s footer. The android app is however not available from the Google App Store. Clicking the download button will begin downloading the apk file. Once the download has been completed, installing the apk file requires the device’s security setting be modified to allow the installation to proceed. Once you have given the app the necessary permissions, the installation will proceed. Once you have completed the installation, you can launch the app by clicking on its icon in your app drawer. For new users, you can register for a new account using the android app. For users already on the platform, you will need to provide your login credentials in order to access your account. The 1xbet android app has the same blue and white theme as their main website. The app is divided into sections that are easily accessible by swiping from right and left. Swiping from the left reveals their pre-match and live betting sections. Swiping from the right reveals their casino and online games sections.

How to install the1xbet ios App

If you are a 1xbet customer and own an iOS device, you are not left behind in the fun. An iOS app is available for the Apple ecosystem. The app is available for download from the Apple app Store. To install the IOS app, search for the keywords “1xbet” in the Apple app store. This will display several results in the results. Select the correct 1xbet app and click install to proceed with the installation. Once installed, you can launch th e1xbet icon by clicking on its icon on your home screen. The iOS app is similar to the android app in terms of interface and design. It has the same blue theme as the main website. For registered users, you will need to login by providing your credentials. The 1xbet app comes with great features such as live streaming and notifications. Live betting has never been more convenient. The app comes with notifications on losing and winning bets as well as match results.

How to register for 1xbet

1xbet is available for all Ugandan users and it has a very fast and easy registration process. To join 1xbet, navigate to their registration page on their website. Alternatively, if you are using their mobile applications, clicking the “SIGNUP” button will take you to their registration page. 1xbet requires some personal details to uniquely identify you. It is important to note that 1xbet does not support duplicate accounts. Fill in the details required and submit your details after reviewing and accepting their terms and conditions. Should the details provided be accurate you will be asked to verify some of your contact details. A confirmation code will be sent to verify your phone number. You will also be required to verify your email address. Once you have verified your contact information, you will be redirected to the home screen where you can fund your account to begin betting. A fair bit of advice however. Should 1xbet find you in any violation of their terms of use, they are within their rights to suspend your account and retain all funds present in the account at the time of closing.

How to use 1xbet promo codes

To make the 1xbet experience as enjoyable as possible, the platform has several features and offers. One of these such offers is their promotional codes. Promotional codes are redeemable tokens on the platform that can be used as substitution for a stake. The platform awards promotional codes to its users on special occasions such as their birthday’s and their anniversary on the platform. Promotional codes are also awarded to users who are on a on a losing streak. The promotional codes awarded for a losing streak is give as a percentage of the total stake lost in the losing bets. Using promotional codes on 1xbet is very easy to do. Simple create your bet slip of pre-match or live events. It is important to note that the promotional codes come with their specific terms and conditions. Once you have populated your bet slip, in place of the stake amount, a field is provided below where you can input your assigned promotional code. The promotional code will be used in place of funds from your account allowing you to place your bet.

How to get the 1xbet registration bonus

1xbet has an exciting offer for its new customers. All new customers are entitled to a 100% bonus of their first deposit amount. This bonus can be used to place bets on the platform and the winnings withdrawn after the terms of the bonus are met. New customers are eligible for this bonus for deposits made within the first week of their membership on the platform. After registration, fund your account using one of the various payment methods provided within the platform. The bonus is available for deposits made for amounts between 3000 and 270,000 UgShs. The first transaction made on the new account is matched by the 1xbet platform. The bonus is given twice on the platform. A bonus is given for use in the 1xbet event section and a separate bonus is given for the 1xgames section of the platform. The 1xgames section is the online games and casino section of 1xbe. The registration bonus is held in a separate wallet from the main funds in the account. The bonus amount must be rolled over at least 3x on slips with at least three separate events. The odds selected should be of minimum 1.4 odds to wins. Once rolled over, the bonus amount is transferred to the users account wallet and can be withdrawn.

1xbet offers and promotions for new users

In a very competitive market, 1xbet has come up with offers and promotions to keep their customers loyal to their platform alone. These offers come in form of bonuses and cashbacks on losing bets. 1xbet has on average, the highest odds in the industry. These odds lead to boosted winnings to their esteemed customers. Apart from their odds, they also provide the highest registration bonus for their new customers. Upon registration their customers are eligible for a 100% bonus on their first deposit made on the platform. It is important to note that the bonus is only applicable should the deposit be made within the first week of membership on the platform. The bonus amount is provided for the sports section as well as the 1xbet online games and casino section. It is important to note that in order to withdraw winnings, both the events section as well as the 1xgames section bonus must be rolled over. Alternatively you will be asked to have at least staked 3x the bonus amount on the platform to withdraw funds from your account. A cashback on losing bets is also provided for customers on a losing streak. This is given in form of a promotional code to be used in place of actual cash. The promotional code winnings can be withdrawn instantly once the bet has been settled.


To make 1xbet as simple as possible to use, 1xbet has provided several methods to facilitate easy movement of cash to and from user account wallets. This is in order to cater to their very diverse Ugandan customer base. Their payment methods are optimized such that the user receives their winnings as quickly as they can. Mobile money payment methods such as MPesa and Airtel money are fully integrated into the platform. This facilitates depositing and withdrawals into mobile money wallets. For those who prefer more formal means, wire transfers are available that deposit your cash directly into yor bank account. This however takes 2-5 business days and additional service charges may be deducted by your bank. 1xbet does not charge a withdrawal fee with your winnings sent as is. Any additional cost is charged by your provider. 1xbet also supports cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals to crypto wallets. Online money solutions such as PayPal, Skrill and Payoneer are also integrated into 1xbet for those with the preference. All their payment methods are instant and should any unforeseen delay occur, you can contact customer support and they will quickly respond to any problems regarding movement of cash to and from the website.

Odds and betting

With the stiff competition in the betting industry, it is no wonder 1xbet has come up with a different approach to betting to stay ahead of the competition. Their first priority was to ensure their platform was as simple and convenient as possible to use. The platform has a well-designed user interface optimized according to the popularity of events as well as the different betting customers. With a blue and white themed website, their user friendly interface allows its customers to easily locate the different events and games they intend to bet on. Their platform also comes with live streaming capabilities on their application which is a must for live betting. A comparison of the average odds provided by betting platforms in Uganda has shown that 1xbet has on average higher odds relative to their competitors. The high odds lead to boosted winnings which is an added bonus for using the platform. 1xbet is also quick to settle bets. A running bet is won automatically the bet placed wins. The winnings are deposited immediately into the account and can be withdrawn or used to bet again.


At 1xbet, the customer is the priority. Should you have any difficulties, they have provided several means of reaching their representatives. They have included a live chat feature on their platforms and mobile applications. The live chat feature allows you to talk to their representative without leaving their platform which is admittedly a tad convenient. Should you not be in a position to use their live chat feature, you can reach them through one of their hotlines. This is however not toll free and the customer pays for the call. 1xbet is also available on the messaging platform Telegram. You can talk with one of their representatives suing one of these methods and they will quickly help you get back to betting. Their staff are always polite and quick to respond to any difficulties using the platform.

Main facts on bookmaker

1xbet is among the largest betting organizations that is operated in Russia. Despite being based in Russia, they have an international customer base which has grown tremendously due to the variety of betting markets available on their platform .
1xbet is one of the largest investors in Sports related activity in Uganda. 1xbet as an organization prioritizes investing in Sports in the nations they are operating in.
1xbet has one of the largest assortment of online games and sports markets available on the market. They make sure there is something for everyone.